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and i'm still in it for the fight .. ♥

The basics
Name: nicole powell.
Age: 14.
Location: alabama.
5 things about yourself: um, i have dark brown hair, brown eyes, i'm currently in a relationship -- it's long distance & it's probably not going to last long, i have more guy friends then girl friends, & i love degrassi !! ..
some other activities you enjoy besides watching degrassi: haha, being with friends doing anything fun.

How well do you know your degrassi stuff
Your favorite character: marco del rossi, =)!
Why: i loved him before he i knew he was gay, he's such a cutie, how could you not love him?
Your favorite character's real name: adamo ruggiero.
Your least favorite character: hm, probably manny now.
Why: i used to like her, but she's turned into a backstabber, boyfriend stealer, & a big snob.
Least favorite character's real name: cassie steele.
two couples that are already dating or you think should: hm, i want marco with somone, but not dylan. because he cheated on him or is in the next episode, whatever.
Quote anyone form degrassi(state their character's name and their real name): marco del rossi (adamo ruggiero) -- "the breakfast club. i wish i was in the movie lol." .. he answered when asked his favorite movie. 

Are you obsessed
Name the last episode you saw of degrassi: modern love.
Would you call yourself obsessed with degrassi: hm, pretty much. i can't miss the new episode for the world.
Why do you love degrassi so much: i love how it is just like my school's life & the people in it. i love every character for something different, i love all the different personalities.

make us laugh: .. um, some man holding a kid -- "how long do you think i can hold him like this?" .. hunter in a deep voice -- "35 minutes." haha. you probably didn't laugh about that, but i think it's hilarious. you probably didn't get it, but yeahh.

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