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they talk about me_♥

The basics
Name: Kaysee
Age: 13
Location: Oak Grove
5 things about yourself:  short, loves degrassi, fun, sweet at times, and dependable
some other activities you enjoy besides watching degrassi: friends, mudridin and the-n

How well do you know your degrassi stuff
Your favorite character: Marco Del Rossi
Why: explains itself<3 hehe
Your favorite character's real name: Adamo Ruggerio
Your least favorite character: Hazel Aden
Why: after the episode about prejeduce when she said ur under arrest! that was so cruel!!
Least favorite character's real name:Andrea Louis
two couples that are already dating or you think should: Craig and Ashley should be together!!
Quote anyone form degrassi(state their character's name and their real name): Manny Santos (Cassie Steele)-In my charecter i get a little egdier from each episode!

Are you obsessed- yes!!
Name the last episode you saw of degrassi: Eye Of the Tiger!
Would you call yourself obsessed with degrassi: yea
Why do you love degrassi so much: it just reminds me of realy drama that goes on in reality!

make us laugh: 3 friends are parked in cheveron

Karrah- OMYGOSH why does it smell liek gas!? Lauren- CAUSE WE ARE AT A GAS STATION RETARD! well i thought it was funnny!

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